Why choose ImpulseIndia?


1ImpulseIndia spends more time in understanding your exact requirements, drafts a detailed plan and meticulously executes it, but surprisingly none of our processes are by the DIY book! We write a new script everytime and love to surprise you!


2Right from the conceptualization brainstorming to the final event and pack-up and the in-between stage setup and sound-checks, we promise you that every moment will be an experience of enthusiasm! Not a second to sweat!


3Think Ascendas (The V, CyberPearl), Tata Motors, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T, Xilinx, Quinn group, Virtusa, Cognizant, Yell adworks, they trust us, not once, but everytime! It’s simple. Moreover they would be happy to personally recommend ImpulseIndia for your next event!

This is how we began

Yes, call us humble, we did began small, of space and resources but we have always had big ideas and determination to make things happen.

Our Mission and Vision

MTo explore the ever beautiful world of entertainment to find out more ways towards better living providing utmost value and satisfaction to our clients.

VBy 2020, ImpulseIndia becomes capable of providing an invaluable experience of selling ideas for branding and marketing in the seamless world of today as a national player.

We call it SCRUM!

We trust in God but still work out every detail and plan for all contingencies spending hours of run-up sessions and mock drills.

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